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Repurchase Agreement


The sale with option of repurchase (or right of redemption), is governed by the French Civil Law, but it can be worldwide extended. The principle is applicable in many countries.

The sale with option of repurchase is a sale made with a lawyer, or for example in France, with a notary, as a normal sale, in an official deed. The investor officially owns the asset. There is ownership transfer.

The seller may continue to occupy the property and shall pay, to have the right to live and to use the property, a financial compensation. An occupancy contract will be put in place.

With a sale with option of repurchase, we will not talk about lease or rent, but more specifically of a temporary occupancy agreement and allowances of occupation. It allows the seller to get a fixed price, while keeping the right to live and/or use his assets, and retaining a maximum of 5 years the ability to get back the full ownership of his asset at a price fixed in advance, at the beginning.